Before you submit a question to the support staff, please check the following information sources. We might have already resolved your issue.

Ideas to match and new ideas or found Bugs
For game suggestions, new ideas or discovered bugs (errors), please write a message in the Forum.


The support line here should be your last ditch effort to get your questions answered. When you do submit a question for support help, please be patient. We try our best to answer all questions raised by users. (remember this is a private project - everyone still has other obligations and a life beyond STNE)

  Request Support (private E-Mail)  

Telephone Support

If you encounter a problem, or just have questions about the game, you can reach us by telephone at this phone number:
02857 / 901-980-9*
* The German telephone landline connection.
We do not keep regular calling hours. If there is no answer, try again a little later, or write a message to our support team:


Programing errors ('Bugs') will not be handled by telephone. Please send a written message to the support team.